Marilyn asked:

One of the new flavors of indifferentism is that God is what you make of it. Any attempt at evangelization is arrogance. You have your God and I have mine. Why can't we all just coexist? How do we deal with something like that?

Bishop James Conley replied:

"To me that's the heart of the problem. Pope Benedict ... spoke a lot about the dictatorship of relativism ... One of the things that struck me about my experience [in college being indifferent himself] is they kept talking about objective truth. They really kind of hammered that home. That there is such a thing as objective truth. If you don't accept that then that's not rational. There has to be truth, and there has to be the opposite of truth which is false, error.

Sometimes I think we are living in a time where it's not so much a crisis of faith, but a crisis of reason. That we've forgotten how to think and yet mathematics, people understand that. But when it comes to the faith then objective understanding of the faith that there are some things that are true and there are some things that are false, some how goes out the window.

I think if we can somehow recover reason and logic, then people begin to see that two opposites can't coexist. One's gotta be right and one's gotta be wrong ... We need to restore that reason back."


Catholic Answers, "Ask the Bishop" (San Diego: Catholic Answers, 2013)

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Show air date: September 27, 2013

Name of show: Ask the Bishop

Guest comments by: Bishop James Conley

Question appeared in show: 53:03

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