Anthony asked:

Why don't Jews accept Jesus as the true Messiah? There are forty documented miracles, the whole New Testament. Some of them believed him like Nicodemus, and Joseph of Arimathea.

Karl Keating replied:

"... because of what their expectation was for the Messiah. Jesus came as a suffering servant as we read in Isaiah right? This is not what most Jews were expecting. They were expecting, what we might put in more modern context, the white knight riding in ... He'd be a political leader. He would overthrow ... the power of the Romans. He would give the Jews back their ancestral lands and the authority over them. He would do all these temporal things primarily, political things. That's what they were looking for. They'd been brown beaten by so many conquering powers over the centuries they'd come to think of the messiah not so much in spiritual terms, but in earthly political terms ...

Their chief problem was in misunderstanding what the Messiah was really supposed to be. He was not going to save them so much from turmoils in this world, but he's going to save them first of all from their sins ... most of them had this idea of what the Messiah should be. Jesus didn't match that, so they figured it's gotta be somebody else, we'll wait."

Anthony asked:

What about Jews looking back today in history? They can't pick up on that?

Karl Keating replied:

"Some do. We had on our staff here Rosalyn Moss who was a convert from Judaism to Catholicism through evangelicalism, And that's exactly what she saw. She as a believing Jew looked at all this, looked at the New Testament and said, 'you know, Catholicism is really the culmination of and perfection of Judaism. This is the way she saw it. This is really what the Old Testament was talking about ... Most Jews obviously have not seen that and there are many reasons for that: some religious, some cultural, some political, some other. It's not enough simply to lay out in front of somebody, we have these several dozen miracles in the New Testament, therefore... That would be convincing to some people but the fact of the matter is we see, as we look around that hasn't been convincing to most people in the world. Today only one-third of the world is Christian. Only one-sixth of the world is Catholic and yet a good portion of those who are not Christian and not Catholic, and have the bare elements of the faith shared with them, but they haven't ended up with the grace of faith. They haven't had that gift given to them, or if given to them they haven't accepted it for whatever reason ... "


Catholic Answers, "Open Forum" (San Diego: Catholic Answers, 2013)

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Show air date: December 3, 2013

Name of show: Open Forum

Guest comments by: Karl Keating

Question appeared in show: 33:28

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