Jenna asked:

What’s the Church’s stance on a lot of these weight loss surgeries like gastric bypass or things like that?

Patrick Madrid replied:

"Well there’s no stance, or no teaching that deals with those specific surgeries. But the Church definitely does not frown upon or discourage people from receiving or pursuing some kind of medical treatment or procedure that can enhance their life, that can make them healthier or give them a longer life and to keep up the temple of the Holy Spirit which is what our body is after all.

So if somebody has a legitimate need for a gastric bypass surgery for example ... the Church would have no objection to that whatsoever ... If somebody is going beyond what would be considered necessary or useful or beneficial ... for the health and well being of the body and has now crossed into the realm of doing something that is unnecessary but is maybe suggested by the dictates of fashion, or the dictates of vanity or the dictates of some other type of base appetite like that then the Church would say, ‘no you shouldn’t do that.’”

Editor’s note: Patrick then described a procedure where women have their feet altered to better fit into fancy high heeled shoes as an example of what you shouldn’t do as it leads to vanity and serves no other purpose.


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Show air date: September 9, 2013

Question appeared in show: 42:59

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