Keith asked:

I went to the doctor and they suggested acupuncture as a remedy. Is there a Catholic position on this?

Patrick Madrid replied:

"There really is no Catholic position on acupuncture ... If it’s being used in a medical context for the purpose of deadening some nerves to bring relief because of pain of some sort there is no problem with that. It would be no different than a nerve block injection or some other type of medical procedure. Where people might raise their eyebrows and wonder about it would be because it’s considered kinda of like folklore medicine or Chinese herbal medicine ...

I’ve never encountered any meaningful arguments saying that acupuncture is some religious or philosophical thing. It’s just really trying to help manage pain by pinpointing these nerve centers ... The Catholic church would not be afraid of that science, far from it. Nor would the Catholic church in any way condemn people who would seek relief from pain in a non-traditional method ..."


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Show air date: August 27, 2013

Question appeared in show: 35:40

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