Janet wrote:

I believe in Jesus Christ, but I’ve never felt a connection when praying. Is it a sin to keep going through the motions?

Mike Hayes replied:

"Well I would say just off the top without even thinking much about it I don’t think it’s a sin ... Good job at you when you’re not feeling a connection."

Fr. Dave Dwyer replied:

"For many people down through the ages there’ve been high points, religious, you know powerful moments sometimes it’s a college retreat, sometimes people have a really great conversion experience. But for very, very, very few if any people, do they have that same like religious high all their life long. And conversely some people, like Janet, don’t seem to feel what they see other people having ... and yet in some ways there’s more nobility in that ... Like Mother Teresa ... for years, even decades she had what Janet is describing. Didn’t feel that connection. Didn’t have the wow, and yet we are about to canonize her a saint almost precisely because she kept quote, going through the motions."

Mike Hayes replied:

"One of her famous quotes I always love talking about is where she says, ‘God doesn’t call me to be successful. God calls me to be faithful. So it’s like if we’re praying and were not really feeling like this is working, or this is something that’s not really giving me a lot of life even. We’re still called to be faithful, to maintain that connection with God even though it just not might even be all that. Just in the same way a married person would maintain the relationship with their spouse, even though it wasn’t all strawberries and cream all the time."


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Show air date: May 27, 2009

Name of show: #199

Guest comments by: Mike Hayes, Fr. Dave Dwyer

Question appeared in show: 8:18

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