Sarah asked:

"I have been reading from Divine Intimacy ... and it says 'We become patient by making acts of patience and ... this is by accustoming ourselves to accept peacefully all that contradicts us and makes us suffer.' Otherwise it says that we never acquire patience. So how do you accept these things peacefully without losing your peace of soul?"

Mother Miriam replied:

"We learn patience by little acts of patience. The only way to learn patience is for our Lord to give us trials or allow them in our lives that will cause us to pause and to move our wills toward His will and say 'Lord let me not respond to what I want, let not my emotions carry the situation. Let me trust your will as our Lord did in the garden. Not my will but thine be done, and help me to be peaceful just on the moment.

Just stop to think and pray before you act. And ask God to assist you and grant you His peace and His wisdom and to work that situation for good and you'll be exercising your spiritual muscle and not allowing your own willfulness or other emotions to take over. It's a matter of just stopping and saying 'Lord I don't want to continue the way I have all these years. I really want to learn what it is for you to be in control. Let me trust your love and let me trust your patience right now in this situation and let me wait on you and not respond."

Mark's take:

I don't have any words of wisdom to offer here. I just wanted to say that this is a problem I struggle with and bring to confession all the time. It affects me the most being in a car. It's always an illogical reaction. It also hits me whenever I have to deal with a customer service representative when I have a problem. You could also just try saying some Hail Marys, or some Our Fathers to help calm yourself and concentrate on something spiritual instead.


Catholic Answers, "From the Heart" (San Diego: Catholic Answers, 2013)

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Show air date: September 4, 2013

Name of show: From the Heart

Guest comments by: Mother Miriam

Question appeared in show: 2:07

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