Susan wrote:

As we enter Holy Week, how can I pass my faith tradition along to our kids? I don’t know a lot about my faith, no one ever taught it to me. How can we teach it to our children?

Mike Hayes replied:

"... parents are the biggest indicators as to whether their children will actually practice faith ... Mom and dad, basically what it’s telling you is to literally for the smaller children you have in your life, go to mass with them ... Make sure you are talking about what faith means to you in the home. Then when you pass those things along in that general sense, children get the idea that this is an important part of our life."

Fr. Dave Dwyer replied:

"... Even if the mass wasn’t all that spectacular ... always be in the habit of chatting a little about what happened in mass, or what the priest said in the homily on the way home ... Just, what did you think about that? In the same way that a good teacher will always bring out that kind of, 'let’s not just harrumph through the homework and get over with it.' I think the issue is when parents if it ... wasn’t the super spectacular event, if it was when mass is over we get in the car then we’re just on to the next thing. Which is really what most of our lives are about. But when a parent ... when a kid comes home from school and they say what did you learn today. They’re reflecting back on that, getting the kid to engage in that is a good thing as opposed to, glad that’s over with. Same thing with church.

So even at the very simple level, when you’re going to mass ... let’s not just drop them off at CCD class and go somewhere else. Go to mass with them. But also engage them somehow even if it’s just briefly. Did you like the homily? Did you remember what he said? What’s one thing that he said that you remember whether you liked it or you disagreed with it or whatever. Let’s talk about something.”

Brittany Janis replied:

"... if you are the sort of person that doesn’t necessarily like waking up early or stuff like that ... At least don’t let your kids know that much. That going to mass is like a hassle for you. Try to not make it, 'uhh gosh alright we gotta get you breakfast, we gotta get you in the car, we gotta drive to the church ... If you have that sort of a negative attitude the kids are gonna be like, ‘yeah you’re right this is such a hassle, I don’t want to do this.’”


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Show air date: April 7, 2009

Name of show: #193

Guest comments by: Fr. Dave Dwyer, Mike Hayes, Brittany Janis

Question appeared in show: 13:04

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