Daniel asked:

What is the Church's positions on vaccines? Studies show that some of them consist of aborted human fetal cells. Is this okay to use on our children?

Patrick Madrid replied:

"As far as giving vaccines, for example to your children, the Church does not have a moral teaching specifically about that. Certainly anything that parents can do to enhance and prolong the health and well being of their children, they have a moral obligation to do what they can within whatever limits they're constrained by. They're not obligated to do something that's extraordinary. But I think the ordinary means of protecting our children are incumbent upon parents.

Whether or not that extends specifically to vaccines is I think, something that every parent has to make a decision on for himself for herself. There's a debate as I'm sure you're aware if you've done some research ... as to whether or not vaccines are in fact the cause of such things as autism and other problems. I don't have any stake in that discussion. I don't have any real medical where with all to enter into that discussion for one thing. So I'll have to leave that to the experts...

I respect people on both sides of the equation who say that they will vaccinate their children or won't vaccinate their children. I believe it's the right of the parent to do that. I've even known a few families in which it seems the vaccination of one of their children at an early age, at least it appears to have been caused or precipitated a real problem such as autism...

I would recommend a book that will get into the issue of what you said as part of your discussion, which was what about the cells used from aborted fetuses? ... Life Issues Medical Choices by Doctor Janis Smith and Doctor Chris Kazor. They are not medical doctors, but they are PhDs ... In this book ... they deal with these underlying problems in something like a vaccine..."


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Show air date: October 9, 2013

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